High School Bowling has a 300 game from Auburn bowler!


Congratulations Becca O'Donnell...300 game at Starlite!!

Here are results from Saturday

Winner's Bracket:


Danielle Feocco----------Sara Casler


Loser's Bracket:



Becca O'Donnell ----Kira Mettler


January 18 2015

Losers Bracket Noon Cedar House Lanes

Kelley Horbal 576 def Loretta Lees 530
Ann Fenton 486 def Christina Ellis 392

Marianne Viscardi 575 def Jackie Gibbs 509
Michelle Reynolds 655 def Patty Blowers 629

Lisa Rouse 540 def Ann Crowley 518
Melanie Hastings 528 def Amy Tassone 521

Sharon Shoemaker 649 def Shirley Potter 574
Susan Burns 503 def Sharon Mills 492

Winners Bracket 1:30 pm

Danielle Feocco 631 def Becca O'Donnell 591
Kira Mettler 659 def Melissa Blowers 562
Sara Casler 642 def Joan Ashby 545
Katie Smith 577 def Paula McCartney 567

Losers Bracket 1:30 pm

Ann Fenton 510 def Kelley Horbal 491
Melanie Hastings 574 def Lisa Rouse 477
Michelle Reynolds 596 def Marianne Viscardi 562
Sharon Shoemaker 568 def Susan Burns 455

Losers Bracket 3:00 pm

Ann Fenton 495 def Melanie Hastings 449
Michelle Reynolds 636 def Sharon Shoemaker 552
Paula McCartney 597 def Joan Ashby 563
Becca O'Donnell 613 def Melissa Blowers 546

January 24, 2015 1:00pm Starlite Lanes

Winners Bracket:
Danielle Feocco vs Kira Mettler
Sara Casler vs Katie Smith

Losers Bracket;
Ann Fenton vs Michelle Reynolds
Becca O'Donnell vs Paula McCartney 2 eliminated

3:00 pm squad

Losers from Winners Bracket
Winners from Losers Bracket 2 eliminated

Congratulations to Michelle Reynolds on a great 299 game at Rainbow Lanes

Matchups for January 18

Results from Rainbow Lanes on Jan. 11

Matchups for January 11

Qualifying results


Here are results from Saturday

Winner's Bracket


Rick Lambrecht-----Dan Guzalak

Loser's Bracket


Gary Reynolds---------Jeff Lumb


Behind the Numbers Part 3

1/18 11:00 scores

1/18 12:30 scores

1/18 2:00 scores

Final 8 matchups

Congratulations Dustin Shaw, another 300!

Rick Liccion 300 game on Sunday

1/17 scores 11:00

1/17 scores 2:00

1/18 Loser bracket match ups

1/18 Winner bracket match ups


Behind the Numbers part 2

Congratulations to Brian Storrs, 806, Sean O'Donnell and Dustin Shaw 300

Matchups for Saturday 1/17 at Rainbow Lanes

Sunday January 11 scores are in

Here are the results 1/10



Behind the Numbers part 1 is in, click here

Qualifying rounds are complete, click here for the results



Here is a Special Edition Behind the Numbers


Congratulations to Dan Guzalak!!! 2014 Champion Sport Challenge!!!


1st place Dan Guzalak $225
2nd place Mike Ryan $125
3rd -4th place Mike Walker $75
JJ West $75
5th - 8th place Greg Spinelli $60
TJ Mento $60
Dave Whiteside $60
Doug Platt $60




Bowler of the year stats updated on December 24

Tim Waters breaks high series record with 868

Tim Waters had a night he will never forget

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